No one saw him take it.

Her cooking is amazing.

That was my question.

She is in conflict with her father.


Renu angrily closed the door.

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Not so much pepper, please.


"Oh! they'll find him guilty," said the other. "Don't you be afraid of that."


His accent suggests he is a foreigner.


Write down his address.

We got to Boston yesterday.

It's so dark in Sweden in the winter.

Swamy didn't know how to say "thank you" in French.

Where are my clothes?

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She's much better today than yesterday.


The bird that sings in the morning is caught by the cat in the evening.

Bilal is educated.

Put it in your pocket.

I want you to come and live with me.

Horses don't have horns; cows and sheep have horns.

Can I see you two outside?

They're all different.


They awarded him a gold medal for his achievement.

Do not wander in speech!

This jacket isn't expensive, it's very cheap.

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Happy Birthday!

Don't you all agree?

The clock that I have is made of gold.


This machine produces electricity for our daily use.

Let's not invite them.

Who painted this picture?


He treated it with utmost care.

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What's the flight's scheduled arrival time?


Do what you can for them.

"You broke my heart", said Emmett.

We're a team, not individuals! We need to work as a team.

I thought Amigo would know not to do that.

Stand in the corner!

Mohammad wasn't truthful.

This song is beautiful and sad.


Hurf weighs more than Sundar does.


Let them rest.

Matt knotted the rope securely.

You are under no obligation whatsoever to share this information.

Please write down my address.

Susanne can't swim very well yet.


There isn't anyone here but us.


I've always admired your patience.

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This is a game-changer.

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I thought you wouldn't like it.

Saiid doesn't have to come see me.

He often attributes his failures to bad luck.

Do extraterrestrials exist in the universe? I think so.

I was happy to hear the news.

He talks about her a lot.

These shoes are too tight to get into.

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Today I was coming to work by car.


Dan didn't even bother knocking on the door.

They arrived here safely yesterday.

You have no manners.

You are not to speak to him while he is studying.

I read the thirty pages of this book.

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The journalist was calm even in an emergency.

Sriram spent several hours in the library.

That was a terrible thing to say.

Rodger doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to.

I opened an account at a nearby bank.


They bought (it).

We'll take you back.

We don't know what caused the fire.


Put it down.

Don't be afraid of public speaking.

He was a regular member of the soccer club.

He did business in the same manner as his father did.

Jan walked back into the hotel.

We missed him.

Here we took the boat to Alaska.

The new secretary doesn't strike me as efficient.

Can I ask what this is about?

My lips are sealed.

Whatever you do, don't forget this.

What's that look like to you?

You want justice, don't you?

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She could not understand the whole story.

That's not a good enough reason.

Joshua slammed on the brakes.

He is rather optimistic.

She finally reached the hotel.


There must be something wrong with the engine.


It does more harm than good.


Taurus put his gun back in its holster.

We are prepared for the worst.

She sat gazing out of the window.

How did you kill him?

That's too easy.


Make four mini-dialogs with the phrases in the list.

Mother left some of the food for me.

What's that building behind the hospital?

The price is kind of high, but it's worth it.

It was entirely his fault.

My uncle was involved in the traffic accident.

Shannon is rich, so money isn't really a problem.

Because the parents divorced, the girl had little contact with the father.

We always looked down on him.

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that heals the mind and the body by using essential oils.

We get one hour for lunch.

We can't tell Caleb.

Is it cold in Germany?

I felt tired from having worked for hours.

I'm glad that I didn't eat the same thing that you did.

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Rahul usually gets home at about six o'clock.

Would you mind if we spoke in French instead?

But she gets it while she can.

She is happiest when she is at home.

I taught her everything she knows.

For example, China's public transport is without a doubt better than the UK's, but the UK's public welfare may be better than China's.

I'm the only one who knows what needs to be done.

You may take the stand.

We should be considerate to the old.

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I think you're both crazy.


Miriam looked adorable and cute in her Halloween costume.

Terrance promised me he would be here by 2:30.

I really wish you wouldn't do that.

Justice is what love looks like in public.

You need to do what's right.

You should keep in touch with Mr Smith.

Omar didn't study at all.


He woke up naked and confused.

No charge.

It's impossible for the bird to escape from the trap.


Spenser's mother often scrutinizes him for every small mistake he makes.

Mayuko has sharp eyes.

Nothing bars our way.

The police observed the man enter the bank.

I gave one to charity.

Let Nature be your teacher.

How could you say that?

How much interest does it pay?

After retirement, Teresa devoted herself to caring for orphans.

I'm just really blessed.

He fed the horse.

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Teenagers are God's punishment for having sex.

I'm not going to let you commit suicide.

I am here on holiday.

Barbara is heroic.

When will you be in Boston?

Scot had no choice but to give Sharada what she asked for.

Ed likes to push the limits.

Sometimes Dennis is really crazy.

The machine broke because he had not looked after it properly.

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Is this a coincidence?

He is much of a scholar.

It's up to you and me.

I've given Marc everything he's ever asked for.

Rupert does look really happy, doesn't he?

We were in the same class then.

I've never eaten horse meat.

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This town is quite different from what it was ten years ago.


The event starts at 7am.

Kirk fucked up again.

I realized that I didn't want to spend any more time dealing with that problem.

Everyone escaped injury.

He gave up the attempt in despair.